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Case Study, Utilities | 22 November 2017
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Since 1948, Chiyoda Corporation (Japanese firm), has become one of the world’s leading integrated engineering companies specializing in industrial facilities, such as oil refineries and LNG facilities. With its workforce involved in construction projects all over the world, Chiyoda Corporation’s requirements for qualified manpower never stops. While the company already had talent acquisition processes in place, it did not have a dedicated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This led the company, in some cases, to source for potential candidates through third-party agencies, increasing cost-to-hire. Time-to-hire and candidate experience were also affected by not having a dedicated ATS in place.

Mathieu Busca, Talent Acquisition Lead at Chiyoda Corporation said “we were keen to internalize the entire talent acquisition process and build solid talent pools of qualified resources that could be solicited quickly in the future. We also knew we needed to improve on candidates’ feedback when applying for jobs at Chiyoda Corporation if we were to encourage job seekers to re-apply again in the future.”



In 2015, Chiyoda Corporation made the strategic decision to install PageUp for Recruitment. “Most of us have been through job hunting at some point of our careers and it can be a fairly stressful process. The ability to mass communicate meant we could dramatically increase our rate of response to all job applicants and send everyone a reply to their application, whether positive or negative.” Mathieu said.

“We selected PageUp back in 2015 as their offer matched our needs best via a straightforward ATS to easily manage all applications we receive, a user-friendly interface, 24 hour live support, an easy way to produce reports, and excellent IT technical support to help integrate the system to our company website and third-party vendors portals.” he said.


Thanks to PageUp, Chiyoda Corporation has been able to successfully source, recruit and start mobilizing new employees to join their respective office, or construction site, in as little as one week’s time.

Busca Mathieu,
Talent Acquisition Lead, Chiyoda Corporation



Since implementing the technology, Mathieu agrees that PageUp’s Recruitment solution has improved Chiyoda Corporation’s image as a responsible employer, enriched the job application process for candidates and significantly reduced time-to-hire for critical roles.

“Overall, we have been pleased to receive positive feedback from applicants. By implementing PageUp, we have given them an opportunity to directly manage their own applications: creating candidate profiles, updating their resumes when necessary and uploading any additional documents they wish to provide.” Mathieu said.

He went on to praise the PageUp team for their unprecedented level of support and guidance throughout and post the implementation process.

“Our recruiters also find the PageUp system efficient and easy to use. Since it is still relatively ‘new’ to Chiyoda Corp, we really appreciate the integrated 24 hour live support function where PageUp team members respond quickly to any technical difficulties we may have. The ATS is straight to the point and has run smoothly since it was implemented.

“This I would say is what makes PageUp a fantastic system for Chiyoda Corp. Not only the system, but also the quality support we have received all along the journey, when implementing, developing and operating the system. PageUp’s Support was, and is still is, tailored-made to Chiyoda’s business needs and our Account Manager is always available for us to discuss further system improvements or developments.” he said.


I would recommend PageUp to others looking for a Recruitment system. Our HR team has found in PageUp a straightforward, efficient and supportive platform to manage candidate applications.

Busca Mathieu,
Talent Acquisition Lead, Chiyoda Corporation

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